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It's not just skincare, it's a lifestyle.

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Inside ISO Skincare: 

ISO Skincare is a lifestyle brand whose main goal is to treat problematic skin from the inside, out and promotes the importance of self-care. We have carefully hand-picked classic ingredients, safe enough to consume, and crafted them into products tailored specifically to your skin's needs. Our line incorporates skincare basics that require up to 5 steps so that women have no choice but to take that time for self-care. We have created a community and support system that educates you on the cause of your problematic skin and the products used to treat those ailments; and inspires you to create a lifestyle and skin care routine that will result in healthy, youthful, glowing skin from the inside, out.

Inside Our Founder

Aniqah Iman is a east coast native, who embodies the idea of being both intelligent and relatable. She holds a BS in Biology with a growing passion for natural medicine. She, herself, has suffered from acne on the face, chest and back that was directly related to hormone imbalances which were worsened with her ongoing battle with anxiety. On her quest of slowly removing the amount of toxins she consumed she decided to also begin the journey of removing the amount of toxins she put on her skin. In the meantime, she developed a natural skincare line. Aniqah used her strong background in Biology to understand the underlying factors of problematic skin and completed extensive research on preventing and controlling these ailments naturally. As a result, she gifts you all with ISO Skincare.