Skin O’Clock

Maybe your skincare routine isn’t effective because it isn't in tune with your biological clock. An important part of your skin care routine is knowing what time of the day you should be using your products. 

The body’s circadian rhythm is a biological clock controlled by the hypothalamus, which responds to light and darkness. The hypothalamus responds to light by preparing your body for physical activity; and to darkness by preparing your body for repair and rejuvenation.


Morning: 4am-12pm

Between 4 am and 8 am, your skin begins to develop it’s acid mantle layer. The acid mantle layer is a barrier that protects your skin from pathogens. Because your skin is in protection mode, it will not readily absorb products. 

Between 8 am and 12 pm, your skin’s protective layer is ready and now blood flow to your skin’s surface has increased. 

During this time, a cleanser (Black Currant & Honey Whipped Cleanser) should be used to wash away dead skin cells that were pushed to the surface of your skin during the renewal process overnight. The cleanser should be followed by a toner (pH Balancing Toner) that balances the skin’s pH, enhancing the acid mantle layer; and a moisturizer should then follow to protect and nourish. 

Afternoon: 12 pm - 5 pm

Your body’s ability to produce new cell tissue has slowed down and sebum is being secreted. During this time of the day you skin concerns may worsen. If your skin is oily, your entire face may take on a shiny appearance. If you have combination skin, your t-zone may become more oily and your skin may appear flaky on your cheeks and under the eyes. If you have dry skin, dry patches may be more visible. 

Night: 5 pm - 4 am

From 5 pm to 10 pm is when your skincare routine becomes more lengthy, because your skin’s ability to absorb increases and pores are dilated. This is when you should do a deep cleansing with an exfoliant or mask to get rid of the excess sebum built up during the afternoon. Using a deep cleansing mask (Detoxifying Clay Mask, Purifying Clay Mask, Gentle Clay Mask) at night enhances the mask’s ability to detoxify your skin. Exfoliants (Hibiscus Sugar Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub , Honey, Oats & Tea Exfoliating Mask ) promote the production of new skin cells, giving your skin the extra push before renewing itself. Serums (Glow Nighttime Serum) should also be used at night because your skin will readily absorb the active ingredients. Use a serum after cleansing, before moisturizing. 

Between 10 pm and 4 am, the skin begins to replace old skin cells with new ones. Less sebum is being produced and the skin’s pH has decreased. Since your skin becomes more acidic and less sebum is produced, if your skin is not oily, a toner can be skipped; for the same reason, never skip your moisturizer at night.