Those “you really start to glow when you’re happy” quotes are cliché but true, and I believe that happiness begins with a strong undeniable foundation in self-love. Yes, another cliché, but everyone needs to understand that everything falls into perfect alignment when you truly love yourself. 

“However once I acknowledged myself, and realized I was deserving of great things, my change of thought ALONE encouraged the universe to unveil beauty into my life and gift me with things I could only truly appreciated once I knew my worth”.

—Meggan Roxanne

We have to get into the habit of giving ourselves what we want from other people. Doing that will help attract the type of people you deserve in your life and gives them a blueprint on how to treat you. 

Demonstrating self-love in your life allows abundance to flow in. Self-love is COMMITTING to a lifestyle that betters your mind, body and soul. Self-love is saying “No!” to anything that doesn’t resonate with your higher self. Self-love is choosing YOU, even when it’s difficult. 

Now, how does all of this relate to your GLOW? It’s science! Lack of self-love often causes a stressful life. Stress wreaks havoc on all biological systems, causing gut issues and hormonal imbalances. A mixture of gut issues and imbalanced hormones affect the health of your skin. Positive emotions give your body the break it needs from responding to stress and allows your biological systems to get back to their normal functions. Meaning, your skin can focus on repairing and renewing itself.