My Journey ...Your Chapter

My name is Shahdai and I am an almost 28 year old who use to never leave her  house WITHOUT makeup! Yes, ladies and gentlemen I can admit to it! I would even sometimes sleep with my makeup on if I could (ewww I know, gross). 

My insecurities started back like any other teenager “becoming a young woman”. A few acne breakouts here, a few menstrual bumps there, (you know the usual “mother nature curses”). I’ve even tried every over the counter products, dermatological products, and even little home remedies that I’ve Googled.


”Don’t Let The Makeup Define You, You Define The Makeup”

As the years have gone by and my roaring 20’s are now approaching, I started to gain hyperpigmentation aka dark marks, which seem impossible to get rid of! So, this was definitely an insecurity of mine! So, what would I do? Use concealers, foundations, and finishing powders to cover up the low self-esteem I was facing. Until, I seen a good friend of mine from high school posting these amazing pictures of her struggles with skincare! She, was constantly telling me how amazing this skincare company called “ISO Skincare” was, and how it has helped her build up her CONFIDENCE! Not only was her results AMAZING, but the owner was a “beautiful black woman”, that knew, understood, and faced the struggle we as black women, or women in general face everyday to have beautiful skin. 

So, why not be able to embrace, gain confidence, and love the skin that I was given? I have decided to stand up to breakouts, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, stress, dryness, oil, and anything that tried to take me down from having healthy and beautiful skin! And, ISO Skincare was my calling to embrace my beauty, glow, sexiness, and all around healthy skin! Not once was I unsure about the products that I was using, because everything is all NATURAL (yes! you guys, NATURAL). I’ve been using the products for almost three months now and it’s so beautiful to slowly see the transformation of the “glow” of my skin. I have really sensitive skin, so any little thing will cause irritation and harshness, and with ISO Skincare that’s not the case. As, of right now I am using the ‘Get Your Glow Back’ Black Currant Seed Sensitive Skincare Bundle‘ and the ‘Gentle’ Kaolin Pink Clay Mask, and it is to die for!

 I must say, the price for the bundles and clay mask is guaranteed worth every penny. You will receive a daily/nightly skincare routine, a once a week nightly routine, and an adorable little handwritten personalized note from the owner herself! In my opinion, I believe means so much more! 

I have never been so excited to talk about, show before and after pictures, or even make little snapchat videos of me using a product that means so much to me in my life, and I promise you guys that it’s incredible! This is me introducing you guys to my JOURNEY to healthy and beautiful skin and I would like for you to be able to write your own CHAPTER for healthy and beautiful skin! So I’m going to end on a cute little note….”Don’t Let The Makeup Define You, You Define The Makeup”