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Inside OUR Founder

Aniqah Iman

ISO Skincare was inspired by my own journey. I’ve always suffered from moderate acne, but the main issue for me was the scars the acne left behind. It weighed heavy on my confidence but I never wanted to cover up my face with makeup. I spent a lot of time out and about around the time of the makeup craze, you know the time when every one started to do makeup tutorials, become MUA and beat their face. I didn’t want to give into that craze, I always wanted clear, flawless skin.

One summer I was dealing heavily with anxiety, I had just graduated college and I felt like my life was falling apart. I was STRESSED! I had broken out all over my forehead, I had never experienced acne on my forehead and it would not go away. The over the counter benzoyl peroxide solution I was using no longer worked. I tried Proactiv, it worked, I stopped using it and my acne came back worse. I even tried retinoids and antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist, she warned me my skin would get worse before it got better; it indeed got worse and I didn’t even give it chance to get better.

I was fed up with my skin and my life overall. I was in search for answers to clear skin and peace. I made a checklist to get to the root of the problem. I wasn't big on dairy, I always hated milk, I had recently stopped eating meat to decrease the amount of toxins I put into my body, I didn't eat a lot of processed sugars or fried foods because those foods would literally make me sick, and I’m a water connoisseur, so it definitely wasn’t my diet. I noticed my skin also broke out during my cycle, I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that my acne was hormonal and worsened with stress. I knew I had to adapt a stress free lifestyle. I had embarked on a spiritual journey and started meditating and doing yoga to help me handle stress but managing stress was not going to help me get rid of the acne and that scars that were already there and I refused to apply any more toxins to my skin. I tried using only raw African black soap and witch hazel, but it was not giving me the results I wanted.

In July 2017, as part of my spiritual journey, I prayed to God to reveal my purpose. I promised if my purpose was revealed I would go after it full speed and never look back. Soon after, I got an idea to research essential oils for acne. I used my background in biology to understand the root cause of acne and how each ingredient was beneficial to the skin on a molecular level. I began formulating products (using my self-taught knowledge to create recipes) and after much tweaking and testing (on myself) my skin cleared up; allowing me to gift you all with ISO Skincare: a lifestyle/skincare brand that embodies the importance of exuding self-love through self-care habits, including meditation, lifestyle changes and of course, a 100% natural skincare routine.